Aircraft Fabric

Stewart Systems is certified for use with all certified Dacron/Polyester aircraft fabric.  Currently there are three brand names of Dacron/Polyester aircraft fabric available: Superflite, Ceconite, and PolyFiber.  All of the technical specifications for Ceconite and PolyFiber are identical and they are produced by the same company, Consolidated Coatings.  For our purposes, Ceconite and PolyFiber are identical, therefore out of those two, we only carry Ceconite.

The main difference between Ceconite and Superflite is the thread count in the weave.  Superflite 102 fabric has a higher thread count and therefore a finer weave and is a little lighter.  This allows Superflite fabric to be worked around curves and tight areas easier.  Ceconite has a lower thread count and is a little heavier and therefore has a stiffer characteristic.  Some people like this because it will lay straighter on a large area such as a wing or fuselage, and it has a stiffer feel when complete.  In general, we prefer Superflite fabric.

Both fabrics come in three different weights.  104 Light is uncertified and is only legal on ultralights, experimental aircraft, gliders, and as a laminate over plywood on certified aircraft.   102 Medium is used on the vast majority of GA aircraft and is the most popular fabric we sell.   101 Heavy is generally used on larger, faster aircraft, acrobatic aircraft, and bush planes.

It is legal to upgrade any aircraft to heavier fabric if desired, and many people do for durability.  However, if upgrading to a heavier fabric, be careful when shrinking as the heavier fabric may pull hard enough to distort or damage the airframe.  It may not be necessary to shrink all the way to 350° in that case.  The weight difference to upgrade to the next heavier fabric is generally about 3-4 lbs on a typical GA aircraft and may be well worth the extra weight for durability.  It is also common practice to use 101 heavy fabric only on areas of excessive wear such as the belly and horizontal stabilizers.

*We do not recommend using Ceconite 101 with our process.  We have found that our products do not penetrate it well enough.  Superflite 101 works perfectly.

Approved Aircraft Fabrics Chart