Stewart Systems Evershield is a two-part, ceramic coating system that is designed to protect clean, bare metal or painted surfaces. It is also very flexible and may be used on plastics and vinyl.  It can be used in a wide variety of applications including high-heat environments up to 2000°F.  Evershield is unaffected by solvents, fuels or any other chemicals commonly used in aviation, which means that nothing short of abrasion will remove it from the surface.

There are various ways to apply Evershield including spray applications or wiping.  Once applied, Evershield is a nearly invisible coating that does not affect color or sheen. Evershield produces a surface that is very resistant to adhesion and chemicals and cleans very easily making it an excellent product for propellers, leading edges, and agriculture aircraft applications.

Complete transparency makes inspection of spars and structural components very easy. With a film thickness of .0002, the amount of product used, the weight is extremely minimal.

Evershield is an excellent product for application to internal aluminum surfaces to protect from corrosion. Exhaust systems coated with EverShield will resist corrosion and tarnish as well as reduce heat in the engine compartment. Evershield has found applications in many other industries including automotive, tooling, firearms and military. The possibilities for Evershield are endless. Give it a try and let us know what you are able to do with it!

Evershield Products