Fabric Covering

Resources to Help You

Covering an aircraft with Stewart Systems is a safe, fun and relatively simple process!  If you are unfamiliar with using Stewart Systems products, we have created a entire library (videos and documents) full of helpful information including our Fabric Covering Procedure Manual, a full series of videos, articles, and info sheets.  All of these resources are available for free in our online library.  They are also for sale in print and on DVD in our online store.

Forum to Answer Your Questions

Also, we have an active forum that can get many of your questions answered by experienced Stewart Systems users.  If you still have questions, we have a dedicated tech support phone line, so feel free to call, text or email us!

Which Products?

One of the first questions you may have is, what products do I need and how much?  In our database, we have a detailed quote for most aircraft and kits on the market and we can email that to you by request, or you can view some of our aircraft quotes on our site.  All of our products are available in our online store, or from our distributor network.

Below are links to our main products with detailed information to help you get familiar with them.  The first step to any fabric covering job is to prepare the airframe.  We have a series of products to help you with that process in the first group, followed by the products you will need for fabric covering and finishing.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

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Click on the links below to learn more about Stewart Systems products for preparing the airframe, fabric covering and finishing.

Airframe Prep

Wood Sealer - Sanding


Steel Conversion Coating

Steel Conversion Coating

Stewart Systems EkoEtch


Fabric Covering

EkoClean Heavy Duty Cleaner






Stewart Systems EkoPrime


EkoPoly Premium Waterborne Catalyzed Top Coat

EkoPoly Premium

Florian Rotary Pinker

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