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    the aluminum pads my bronze winches were mounted on my mast were BADLY pitted with corrosion (very very bad), I asked how to prep them and they said they would clean them before anodizing – well, the deepest part of the pits didn’t get cleaned to my satisfaction, so I recommend you carefully pre-clean terribly corroded stuff yourself with a metal brush and pick. Also, aluminum parts cannot have any other metals attached when they are anodized, if it has SS rivets, screws or anything they MUST be removed (they can do that for you). I’ve got several winch drums I’d like to re-anodize, but they all have SS helicoils, so I’ll research how to remove and re-install helicoils from corroded aluminum before taking those to get re-anodized.

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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