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    I am recovering a glider with a plywood skinned fuselage. I have finished the repair work, attached and shrunk light weight fabric and applied one brushed coat of PolyBrush. Now I would like to move to the Stewart system, primarily for safety and odor reasons.

    Can I continue by filling the weave with EkoFill after cleaning, or do I need to remove the fabric and recover using the Stewart process from the beginning? The rest of the aircraft has not been covered yet, so no problem there.


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    I recently emailed the company about this same thing and here’s their response:

    From a practical standpoint, yes, absolutely. From a legal standpoint, if it?s a certified aircraft, probably not. The Poly Fiber STC requires that it be finished through topcoat with their products. Our STC does allow our system to be used to repair any other system, but I don?t know if an IA would agree that that is a repair. If you complied with their STC up through a dusting of topcoat, you could then ?repaint? with ours. But if you are working on an experimental, yes, you can scuff what you have and put EkoFill over it and finish it normal in our products.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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