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    I can move to the (unheated) Hangar. So it is time to think about the Covering process. Not to start a firestorm, but I would like to get your ideas on which process you have used, and why. For My background, I have only used Poly-Fiber. The east coast distributor was Jim and Donde Miller (now retired) who happened to purchase one of our family farms when they set up their operation. They are 10 miles away and have some inventory left. Preferred Air Parts bought the remainder and moved the operation to Kidron Ohio, 70 miles away, with an airport. Stewart?s Just moved to Johnstown Ohio (5 Miles) from my farm. I?ve not used that process, but my build partner (full time aircraft restoration business) used the Blue River process (Stewart?s predecessor) and hated it.
    I spoke to Troy yesterday, and he personally uses poly-fiber up to silver and then Superflight for top coat. So, what was your process? Would you use it again?

    Please help.

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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