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    So after the creating a glowing, shimmering hand plane surface what are everyones favorite finishes for those pieces that will get a lot of wear? Pieces that might be prone to excessive moisture as well? And on what woods.
    I’ve been using minwax tung oil finish and really like the feel and depth of figure after several coats. And feel tung oil based products really let the light reflect in the pours of the wood.I also like shellac flakes alot for the same reason. They are really the only two finishes I’ve used other than boiled linseed oil which doesn’t let the light reflect back very well but gives wood like cherry a great initial patina. Wax just seems to dull the sheen though I’m not very well versed with wax and technique of application.And I’m not much of a poly guy. Never worked with laquers much either.
    It seems like it is always a dilema. Applying enough finish then find very fine abrasives to rub out the nibs between coats as I build a finish. I have recently collect many types of scotch brite pads and some that come in 000 steel wool grade “grit”. Though it seems I keep going back to the steel wool eventually.
    The dilema , to me is retaining the integrity of the hand planed finish and “sanding between coats” careful not to disturb the planed finish. Sanding I mean as only a descriptive term. But I guess it is what it is.
    I enjoy the unfinished feel and look first. The reason I enjoy the polymerized tung oils is the natural feel to the finished surfaces. But sometimes a piece or the client want more.
    What have people here on the forum, who prize their freshly planed surfaces,used as finishes that they like?

    Please help.

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