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    I finally got around to spraying top coat with ecopoly premium. I lightly scuffed the primer surface with 320 and cleaned with alcohol. Most of the surface covered well but in several locations it looks like fisheye. Some of it appeared on the first fog coat. I have now sanded the top coat down to primer to remove the defect (in the local areas only) and scuffed the rest. My question is should it be resprayed with primer again? If so, should I wait 8hrs or so to spray to coat again.

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    I prefer to spray a coat of primer over defects like fisheyes or craters after sanding and before re-painting. Primer will fill any small voids and leave you with a smooth surface.

    I suggest using less water and thicken up the paint. Test your viscosity cup to make sure you get 15 seconds with water. You want to mix the paint and let sit for a few min before adding the water. Add about 50% of the estimated water, mix, let sit about 5-7 min before testing viscosity. Try to get 22-24 seconds. Add more water as needed. If you over thin the paint it can have tiny craters

    Also if the surface was wiped with a damp cloth you will get craters/fisheye

    Also check air line for oil or water which will contaminate the paint as it leaves the gun.

    Always spray a test pannel before spraying any airplane parts

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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