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    I finally got to spray the EPP on my fuselage. I followed the procedures to a T, and was rewarded with a perfect coat of paint. Great gloss, no orange peel and no runs.
    What I didn’t bargain for was particles appearing in the finish. They look like thin curly strands in varying lengths up to 3/8″. I suspect that the fiberglass furnace filters I have on two box fans to supply clean air shed.
    Has anyone else run into this? I painted a stabilizer half after the fuselage with the fan speed lowered and it came out perfect. I am replacing the filters with pleated paper ones and going to sand the fuselage and try again.
    I wiped down the fuselage with IPA after using a tack rag. On the stab, I used the tack rag after the IPA. I doubt if the wipers I used left lint, but can use some input.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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