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    I have a PA22/20 that was covered in 1992 using Superflite II. Last year the aircraft received some hail that cracked, chipped and peeled the paint on top of the wings and fuselage. The paint and primer separated from the fabric in many small areas (silver dollar size) with no penetration of the fabric. I can use a plastic scraper to lift (peel) even more of paint/primer away from the fabric (raises questions about the initial primer bond). The weave is clearly visible in the fabric in these areas. The aircraft has been in a heated hangar ever since the hailstorm so UV on the exposed fabric is not an issue. My question is whether I can use Stewart primer and topcoat to re-seal those exposed areas? If so, should I try and scrape/lift off as much of the old paint/primer as possible or try and repair each individual spot. My thought is it would almost be easier to lift off the majority of paint/primer and re-prime and paint a larger bare area of fabric. Thanks in advance for any advice.

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