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    I just ordered an air compressor from Harbor Freight. Couldn’t find any in that price range that can handle tools needed for automotive repairs and such. I don’t know hardly anything about compressors. Right now I only have a Craftsman pancake compressor that I would rate about 1 star. It’s super loud and is barely good enough for anything. It soured me on buying another Craftsman compressor I’ll guarantee you that for sure. They should know better than to put out such a terrible piece of equipment at any price imho. It works, but that’s about all I can say about it. Takes FOREVER to fill the small tank and it’s as LOUD as they come. Air hose they sent with it was of the poorest quality as well. They won’t get another dime off me, at least not for a compressor. Manufacturers who put out junk need to be tattled on imho. No excuse for it.

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