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    I’m almost done with my S90V Mule, but can’t seem to get the finish right. I’m using stabilized wood and from what I’ve read all I need to do is sand it down to 400 grit and then buff it with some red or white buffing compound. I did this and was not very satisfied with how it came out. It is certainly glossier and the red in the wood has greater contrast, but it isn’t as glassy looking as I’d like and the contrast between the wood and veining doesn’t pop quite like it does when wet. Also, after buffing it, I can rub the wood with my finger a little bit and it becomes duller looking very quickly.So I sanded the compound off with 400 grit, and then tried sanding up to 1600 grit, but it is still dull looking (I’m holding off on buffing with compound this time until figuring out how to finish it). Any suggestions on how to finish this so I can get the glossy, high contrast finish I’m looking for?

    Please help.

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