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  • ebjimcayebjimcay
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    Can you please guide me to a source and specification for suitable leading edge felt?
    Do you use 1/16″ natural wool felt or one of the synthetics?
    Are we just talking regular felt that might come form the local fabric shop or craft store?
    Thank you.

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    According to the instructional DVD produced by Stewart, use 1/16 inch synthetic felt that can be purchased at any fabric shop. Let me know how it goes – I will be covering my wings shortly and would appreciate feedback.

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    I watched the video numerous times and didn’t hear the recommendation for wool or polyester. Is there a benefit for using either?

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    I would use the polyester. That’s basically what your covering in. I’ve used it before on a different system works fine

    Andrew GreenlawMyVmc
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    I was wondering: why does the felt have to be treated with 2 coats of ekobond? It doesn’t penetrate through the felt, and only a 3″ strip of the felt is used to glue fabric on.

    Andy HumphreyAndy Humphrey
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    The reason for we saturate the felt with Ekobond is because if it is not, when you try to seal the weave of the fabric the felt will keep pulling the product down through and leave the fabric weave open.  It will not seal it.  If the weave of the fabric does not get sealed you will see it in the finish and it may also allow moisture to enter.  Another option in place of felt is just using a layer of heavy 101 fabric.  It is lighter, takes less Ekobond and works well.  It will not cover up quite as much as the felt, but in many cases is sufficient.  Use the same process with 101 fabric as you do with felt.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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