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    Piper Pawnee project. Certified installation. Newcomer to Stewarts Systems.

    I’m getting conflicting information about prepping the surface for gluing. I have read the STC Section 1 about “Preparing surfaces for fabric attachment”.

    (1) It states that aluminum surfaces must be primed. (“Only” is Assumed) No mention of topcoat as with steel tubing. I’ve been told by one of your advisors all primed surfaces must be top coated. Is this True or False? Please confirm that only primer is required.

    (2) The videos appear to show fabric being glued directly to aluminum surfaces without primer. Am I missing something in the STC? Is this acceptable per STC? I would prefer not to prime the wings, ailerons and flaps. Must I prime them to conform to the STC?

    Rick Hammer

    A&P hoping to get into the fabric business with your products.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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