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  • Marty FeehanMarty57
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    Hi All,
    As you have seen here, we have our new web site up and running. I wanted to introduce myself to the group. I have met many of you at Airventure, Sun’N Fun and other shows around the country. I teach workshops out here in California along with teaching the workshops at the different venues we attend during the year. I’m a retired Industrial Arts teacher, EAA member, and home builder. I’m building a Wag Aero 2+2 (PA14) and I am currently covering and painting. I build and teach here in my shop attached to my home so chemical tolerance was one of the biggest issue that brought me to Stewart Systems. With family and kids around all the time, a safe environment is key to the work I do. I’ll be monitoring the forums here on a regular basis to help answer technical questions and guide you along on the covering and painting process. I’ll be posting work I have been doing and “How-To’s” on subjects and questions that have come up as I visit with many builders. First posts in the next few days will be compressor selection, silencing your compressor, home spray booth design, airflow for spray booths, and other technical areas. Feel free to post questions and concerns. The forums are a great tool to use to share both your questions and your successes. More to come.
    Marty Feehan
    Stewart Systems

    Rick ParksRick Parks
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    Hey guys I hope that someone can give me a little advice.
    Just found out about Stewart Systems from a friend here in Australia.
    I need to do a fabric repair but not in OZ, in the Philippines albeit how to get volatile material there without costing an arm and a leg to send by freight forwarders as dangerous goods.
    That’s where my friend stepped in and suggested EcoFill and EcoBond, just stick it in your suitcase problem solved.
    Not quite though, I’m now wondering as it is a fabric repair and I’m using EcoFill on the fabric do I really need to use EcoPrime as it would appear that this product is basically, although it can be used on fabric, for metal, wood or composite surfaces for UV protection and possibly assists in corrosion prevention?
    If I can get away with using only the 2 products that would be great as another quart of liquid in my check in luggage may cause me a weight problem.
    It is only a couple of small areas that need repairing and not critical surface areas.
    In anticipation, thank you for your assistance.
    Rick Parks

    Marty FeehanMarty57
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    Hi Rick,
    There should not be any issues with getting the product to the Philippines. Another great thing about Stewart Systems is that it’s not a hazardous material, that includes for shipping. All of the materials you need can be shipped vi air with out any extra cost for hazardous materials. Give us a call and place an order and we will get it to you with out any issues.


    Terence MasonTerence Mason
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    Hi Marty,

    I have a partly completed Wag-A-Bond, and I got 45 yards of 102 fabric with it; is that sufficient to cover wings and fuselage? The tail surfaces are already covered.

    Also, how much adhesive and paint will I need?


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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