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    I am about to repair some covering using your products and I have a question:

    When looking into the repair section, you suggest to glue the patch first, then ironing the patch in the middle to shrink the material, then only iron the patch edges, is this correct, or any different to the videos?


    According to repair section:

    “Next glue your patch on the sanded area using EkoBond glue and – does this mean glue only or glue and run the iron over?
    allow to dry completely. The glue joint must be a minimum of 1” around the perimeter.
    Heat shrink the fabric ONLY over the open hole under the patch.”


    Page 12 of the manual then says:

    “When satisfied with the lay of the fabric use a
    275° to 300°F iron to make a single stroke over the perimeter of the glued surface to
    hold fabric in place”

    I watched a good amount of your YouTube videos and what I noted was that you glue the fabric, gently iron the edges to activate the glue to bond, then the iron the middle to shrink the fabric, and then iron the edges again, and apply Ekobond to the entire item before Ekobond- would this be the same process for the repair? If not, could you please help with some more details on the repair process? I will be repairing a panel on the fuselage.


    Hoping you can clarify the correct process – apologies for the misunderstanding


    Rick HammerRick Hammer
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    Best to call the tech line with your question.  I usually get a response in the same day.  The forum seems to have little to no participation. They are currently in the process of editing the STC. They would like to hear your input.

    New user as of 2023


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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