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  • Mary GuthrieMary Guthrie
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    I am working on a Mosquito Bomber (yup, you read that right!) and I’m about to cover the rudder.

    The ribs are not anything I’ve ever seen before. They are shaped like a trough with one hole in the deepest part of the trough, not two, at each spot for a stitch, which in turn has to go around a metal rod that fits in the trough. I.e. the cord goes down through the top hole through to the bottom hole, around the rod, back up through the same bottom hole to the top hole, knotted over the top rod. Pretty weird but I can kind of see how the idea is that the rod is a part of the mechanical fastening of the fabric. It reduces the number of stitches required by spreading the load the length of the rod and keeps that mechanical fastening even with the rest of the fabric surface when it’s done, unlike rivets or screws.

    So my question is – where do I apply the reinforcing tape before attempting to do this? Either side of the holes the length of the rib (doesn’t seem to really serve any purpose)? Down the middle of the rib and punch the holes through the reinforcing tape too (seems to render the reinforcing tape useless again)? Don’t use reinforcing tape at all since it doesn’t appear to do anything to reduce wear and tear?

    Advice welcome.


    Marty FeehanMarty57
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    Hi Mary,

    The purpose of the reinforcement tape is to strengthen the fabric under the stitch.  In your case, that would be just under each stitch.  You are right, you don’t have to put the tape the entire length of the stitch line if there isn’t a tube directly under the stitch.    When I have a case like that, I will cut a 1″ long piece of tape and center  it under the stitch.  The width of the tape should slightly less than the stitch so the cord doesn’t have to go through the reinforcing tape.  If each stitch is an independent stitch, make sure you treat it as as a first stitch or last stitch.  I teach the Staggerwing Beech knot and it has an extra half hitch for any first, last, or independent stitch.   When finished, a 1″ fabric tape should go over the entire run of the stitch line.  Sounds like a great project you are working on.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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