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    Hello Jason,

    First, the good news: After making changes in viscosity (I am running 24-25 seconds with the EkoCrylic), changes in the gun (lower fluid flow), and changes in my spraying technique (spraying closer to my work, fast passes, tight overlap), as well as more spraying of test panels, I have come out with a nice finish on the plane parts I am working on. However, I will occasionally get a run or two. My question is, if a run starts to develop while spraying, what is the best solution? I read in another forum that you can turn the part around to stop the run, but when you are working on the airframe that is not possible. Can I use a wetted rag to wipe it up immediately? If so, what kind of rag should I use–microfiber towel, T-shirt material, or something else? After wiping it, can I spray over it again or will I need to wait for the entire surface to cure then spray that area another time?

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