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  • Nicholas Camachoncamacho
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    I’m restoring a Stearman, and would like the steel tube fuselage to be Federal Standard 34151 Interior Green. Is my best course of action to paint the fuselage with an ekopoxy of any color, and then add a top coat of Ekopoly to get the correct color?

    Andrew Humphreyandrewdhumphrey
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    Yes, I would recommend using EkoPoxy primer, probably charcoal if that FS color is a darker green. I have the sample here, but not in front of me. Then topcoat with EkoCrylic in the FS color. I do not have a match for that color yet, but we can do a custom color match for it. I have the FS sample cards to match from.


    Nicholas Camachoncamacho
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    What is the advantage to using the darker color of Ekopoxy- is that just going to give a more true representation of the top coat? I already have some ekopoxy in the lime green color, but can get some charcoal Ekopoxy when I’m ready to paint the fuselage structure if it will make a significant difference.

    Marty FeehanMarty57
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    Sorry we missed this one. Color is just preference, that’s all. If yop coating than having a contrasting color helps with identifying where prime ends and top coat begins.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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