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    Any catalyzed paint needs to have the catalyst properly mixed in to achieve maximum performance of the coating. I always recommend stirring the paint and catalyst together for 3 min if you are using a stir stick, scraping the walls and bottom of the container. I took about a 10″ piece of stainless welding rod and bend the end into about a 1.5″ triangle. Using my cordless drill I can quickly mix paint in the smaller containers. I feel this works better than using a stir stick.

    When shopping for mixing containers try to find ones that have a flat bottom. Lots of mixing containers have a raised center on the bottom. DO NOT USE OLD FOOD CONTAINERS TO MIX PAINT IN!!!

    A simple digital postal scale works great for measuring out paint and catalyst. I use 2 containers. One for the paint and one to pre-measure the water.

    Put your mixing cup with the stir stick in it on the scale and hit the tare button. Poor in how ever much of the EkoPoly resin you need and write down the weight in grams. Divide that weight by 3.3 to get the weight of catalyst needed. Hit the tare button on the scale and pour the catalyst directly into to paint. Stir for 3 minutes. Put the second container on the scale and hit tare. Take the weight of the EkoPoly resin that you wrote down and divide by what ever the sticker says on the lid of the paint can for water. It will be anywhere from 2.75 to 3.5. The reason for measuring the water in a separate container is so that if you over shoot you can easily start over. Add the water to the paint/catalyst mix and stir thoroughly scraping the sides and bottom again.

    The amount of water used to reduce the paint can be varied to suit your equipment, technique, or environment. You may find that you like a little more or less water. A little bit of water makes a big difference. Refer to our information about spray gun set up and spray pattern testing to determine if you need to vary the viscosity of the paint.


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