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    This is a question for all you Hydraulics experts out there. In our large turbine fuel system setups I do like the hi flow nipples and lines “8mm” from the vent to the tanks to the air trap. My question is from the UAT, CAT “airtrap” to the fuel pump or power pack with some turbines. 8mm coming out of the air trap has to be reduced to 6mm going in to the power pack. Dan and I have just been using a Festo reducer, but wouldn’t it be the same thing to just have a 6mm nipple on the air trap alleviating the need for the festo. Also with power packs the festo shutoff valve is between the airtrap and the power pack, is there a 8mm to 6mm festo shutoff valve.

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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