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    86runner, I’m building a paisley tele right now using fabric and Mod Podge. Great stuff. I’ve experimented (trying to be positive about the screw-ups) with 3M Spray Adhesive, Titebond, and epoxy. The 3M would come up for me as soon as you sprayed sanding sealer over the fabric. Same result when spraying polycrylic over the fabric. The Titebond was definitely too yellow and stained the fabric. I’m using a blue fabric so that was not good. Looked like a cat had peed on it. Confused Same thing with the epoxy. I love that you can top coat with the Mod Podge (which I literally just did) then wetsand it smooth and continue from there as you would a normal guitar. As for it being used on a pickguard – I would think that it can be used. The stuff is used to make decorative metal pots so I would think that it work on plastic. If you need to remove the stuff, the easiest way is to use a heat gun. It doesn’t take long and it will pop loose the glue and you can pull it up with no problem.

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