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    When I applied my second (maybe third) painted on coat of eko fill using a foam brush and lightly tipping across the direction of application, I ended up with zebra stripes. They are visible, but don’t have nay detectable feel to them. What might cause this?
    Will it show up in the primer and subsequently in the top coat using ekopoly premium (tenessee red)?

    My next step is to lightly sand or “just softly go over” with 320 grit paper. then, I am going to spray two cross coats of ekofill before going to the topcoat. Is that the right approach, given the zebra stripes.? There is still a small amount of the texture of the fabric weave showing. In my experience with paint (painting houses I’ve flipped) once a stripe shows up, it doesn’t go away and that concerns me.

    Thanks for anbody’s answers that can help me with this. I love working with the Stewart products, especially the EkoBond.

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