June 23, 2020

Mike Patey has created a landslide of questions about double covering as he is using the process on “Scrappy” the 500+ horsepower Super Cub (sort of…) STOL drag aircraft. Double cover offers many advantages over the standard covering technique. Probably the most important is strength. Two layers of fabric are certainly stronger than one. It also tends to be a little more rigid which will help the coatings to last longer as they are flexing less.

Another huge advantage is a significant labor savings. It is far quicker to apply a second layer of fabric than to apply hundreds of yards of finish tape. Another advantage that will attract many people is the appearance. Without finish tapes, the fabric looks very sleek and modern.

From a legal standpoint on a certified aircraft, there is no issue as long as certified 102 fabric is used for the initial covering. The second layer of fabric that replaces the finish tapes from a legal standpoint IS the finish tape. There is no maximum width of a finish tape, only a minimum width. On an experimental aircraft, to save weight, two layers of 104 is acceptable and will be stronger than one layer of 102. Join John Hanson as he double covers a Smith Cub wing and see if it’s for you! If have questions, please email or call us, or if you would like to speak directly to John we can connect you. Be sure to watch part 2 also!