April 4, 2018

Are you an IA, A&P or airplane owner that works with fabric airplanes? For many people there seems to be a great mystery to inspecting fabric for airworthiness and/or repairing it. For that reason we have produced this video to help aircraft owners and maintenance technicians to be proficient at inspection and repair of fabric covering. Regardless of what system is used on the aircraft, this video will cover how to determine if it’s airworthy, what types of failures to look for and how to repair them.

We also give a brief history of fabric covering, and an overview of the different systems currently available and how to identify them. One of the amazing things about Stewart Systems is that it is FAA approved to repair ALL certified fabric systems. Regardless of what system was used on your aircraft, even if you don’t know what system it is, you can legally repair it with Stewart Systems.