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  • ProPolish Plus - White ProPolish Plus Green
  • Stewart Systems is proud to offer our high quality, American made Wood Practice Frame.  This frame makes a great add on to the EkoPoly Premium Sample kit.  It features a cross member to practice rib lacing, and has a curve as well.  Some assembly is required. Here are a few tips for assembly:
    1. When assembling the frame, some light sanding of the male end of the bridal joint may be required.
    2. If the joint feels loose, don't worry, the glue will cause the wood to swell slightly.
    3. Test fit the frame "dry" before gluing.
    4. After the glue has been applied to the bridal joint, and all ends are assembled, it is best to use slight clamping pressure to hold the frame while the glue dries.
    5. Wipe excess glue away after clamping with a dry paper towel.
    6. The bridal joints have been left "proud" by approximately 1/32".  This is to ensure a flush joint can be achieved after glue up. A light sanding is all that is needed to make the joint flush.