Devilbiss – SRiPro 1.0 mm HVLP Spot Repair Paint Gun

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The Devilbiss SRiPro touch-up gun is a very high quality and versatile gun. This is a very useful gun for both the professional shop and the home builder. The fan is adjustable from 9″ down to 1/4″ and it’s small size allows it to fit into tight spots.  This makes it especially useful for painting tubing, ribs, struts, or any small parts, but yet has a wide enough pattern to do a beautiful job on larger parts such as a control surface.  It atomizes Stewart Systems products very well and produces an excellent finish.

Included with this kit is the DeKups kit that allows you to paint in all positions without any skips or spillage. Clean up is very quick and easy with this gun, nothing sticks to it.  The DeKups liners can be disposed of, or cleaned with EkoClean and water and reused.

Another advantage to the SRiPro is that is consumes much less air than a full size gun.  The air consumption depends on which air cap is used, but the maximum is 4.8 cfm, allowing smaller compressors to run it continuously.

The SRiPro does not include a regulator like the Finishline does. If you already have a paint gun, you probably already have a regulator, but if this is your only gun, you will need to purchase one. We recommend the Devilbiss HAV512.

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Dimensions6 × 6 × 10 in


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