Stewart Systems EkoBond is setting the standard for aircraft fabric adhesive in the 21st century.  Ekobond is a water-based, contact adhesive that is very flexible and heat workable with an incredible shear strength.  EkoBond is very easy and pleasant to work with.

First, it is applied to the airframe with a brush and then allowed to dry.  Next, the fabric is simply tacked into it with a close quarter covering iron.  When the fabric is all tacked in place and trimmed, more wet EkoBond is brushed through the fabric and the excess is wiped off.  It’s that simple.  Because the shear strength of EkoBond is so great, it is certified for a 1” overlap glue joint in an open bay, thus completely eliminating the need for sewn seams when covering or repairing an aircraft.

But the advantages don’t stop there!  Not only is EkoBond an all around superior aircraft fabric adhesive, but it does all of this without hazardous solvents and fumes, flammability or offensive odors.  You can literally cover your airplane in your living room, and many of our customers have!  The process of fabric covering aircraft has forever changed for the better.


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