EkoEtch is a product designed to prepare aluminum for coatings. Aluminum naturally oxidizes very quickly in the presence of air. Once a thin, invisible film of oxidation coats aluminum, it becomes fairly stable and is resistant to further corrosion. This becomes an issue when coatings are to be applied to the aluminum. Coatings will adhere to the oxidation and will come off with the oxidation. In order to adhere coatings to aluminum, this oxidation must be removed.

EkoEtch is an acid etch product that not only dissolves the oxidation but also slightly eats into the surface of the aluminum creating a porous surface that coatings can adhere to. Etching aluminum with EkoEtch is absolutely essential to achieving good adhesion of the coatings. Primer must be applied soon after etching or the aluminum will need to be re-etched. EkoEtch is only for aluminum and should not be used on any other substrate.


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