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Amflo Coupler Sets

These high flow air coupler sets made by Amflo are ideal for applications requiring a lot of air volume.  They will deliver approximately twice the air volume of standard 1/4” automotive air couplers without increasing the external dimensions.  These come with 1/4 NPT pipe thread.  We recommend one set at the paint gun to easily remove the gun from the air hose.  If necessary, you may want one on the other end of the hose as well, but it is better if you can simply thread the hose into the air regulator and eliminate a coupler.  Note: The Amflo couplers will not interchange with the DeVilbiss couplers.  However, most standard automotive 1/4” air plugs will couple to the Amflo coupler, so you can use your current shop tools with this coupler.

DeVilbiss Coupler Sets

The DeVilbiss high flow air couplers provide approximately double the volume of air as compared to a standard automotive coupler. While we have sold these couplers for many years and they do a great job, we have also added to our line up the Amflo brand high flow couplers. The Amflo couplers will deliver the same volume of air as the DeVilbiss brand with smaller external dimensions and at a lower price point. We would suggest using Amflo if you don’t already have DeVilbiss couplers. The Amflo couplers are not compatible with DeVilbiss so we continue to carry them for replacements.


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