Our 1/8″ white polyester felt may be used to protect fabric in areas that are too large or too rough for anti-chafe tape.  It may be used to cover a gusset plate with a lot of rivets, for example, or often it is used on the entire leading edge wrap to hide small dents or imperfections.  It also offers some impact protection to fabric by have a softer surface behind it.  If you are using a lot of felt, covering the entire leading edge for example, you will need to order some extra EkoBond.  The felt will need to be fully saturated with EkoBond.  Typically a full leading edge wrap will need about 1 qt. of EkoBond per wing.  Typically 4 yards is used to do an 18″ wide leading edge on a  cub size aircraft.  Felt is sold in a linear yard, 72″ wide similar to the fabric.  Priced per linear yard, not square yard.  Dimensions below are for shipping calculations and represent the folded dimension per yard.