One of the most critical steps of fabric covering is shrinking the fabric.  If not enough heat is applied, it will not reach the proper tension.  If too much heat is applied, the fabric can be permanently damaged and it may not be apparent until the aircraft is returned to service.  Many fabric jobs have been ruined by using poor quality clothes irons.  Many clothes irons have a thermostat that has a plus or minus 50-degree swing!  Also, they often have a sole plate that does not evenly distribute heat and a low wattage heating element.  A clothes iron is a poor choice for aircraft fabric.

The Wintersteiger T-10A iron was designed as a ski wax iron.  It has an 800 watt heating element with a precise digital thermostat that keeps the sole plate temperature within just a few degrees of the set temperature at all times.  The temperature range of the iron is up to 180° Celcius, which equates to 356° Fahrenheit, so it is not possible to damage the fabric using this iron.  That alone is well worth the cost!  This iron is also available in 220V for our European and Australian customers.  (We also offer a combo package including the Wintersteiger T10A and the Aviation Art digital close quarter iron.)