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Stewart Wing Tip

Stewart Wing Tip

The Stewart Wing Tip is the best aftermarket wing tip available for the Piper J3 thru the PA-22 series, metal spare only aircraft.  Performance over the stock tip is greatly enhanced, providing:

  • Shorter take-off roll
  • Lower stall speeds
  • Increased airspeed
  • Decreased fuel burn
  • Rate of descent decreased in half on the short wing aircraft
Bungee Buddy

Bungee Buddy

Bungee Buddy, the safest shock cord tool on the market, is the ultimate tool for replacing bungees on the Piper PA-20 & PA-22s.  The Bungee Buddy also safely installs bungees on the Piper J3, PA11 & PA18.  All you need is this tool and a vise to safely install your bungee cords.

Stewarts Hangar 21 Product

150 hp Engine for Piper Clipper STC SA01843SE

Eligible engines per STC SA01843SE:

  • Lycoming O-290-D, O-290-D2, O-290-D2A, O-290-D2B, O-320, O-320-A1A, O-320-A1B, O-320-A2A, O-320-A2B, O-320-A3A and O-320-A3B.
  • The O-320-A1A, -A1B, -A3A and -A3B engines which were originally equipped with constant speed propellers must be changed to the fixed pitch configuration.

Eligible Propellers per STC:

  • O-290 Series engines Sensenich 74FM59, M76AM-2, 74DM6, or M74DM Series Propeller
  • O-320 Series engines Sensenich 74DM or M74DM Series Propeller
Stewarts Hangar 21 Product

Oil Cooler STC SA01863SE

The Oil Cooler STC SA01863SE allows the oil cooler to be moved behind the #4 Cylinder on the following aircraft:

  • Type Certificate 1A4, Piper PA-20 Series Aircraft: PA-20, PA-20S, PA-20-115, PA-20S- 115, PA-20- 135, PA-20S- 135.
  • Type Certificate 1A6 Piper PA-22 Series Aircraft: PA-22, PA-22- 108, PA-22-135, PA-22S- 1135, PA-22- 150, PA-22S- 150, PA-22- 160, PA-22S- 160.
  • Type Certificate 1A1 Piper PA-16.