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EkoPoly Premium (includes catalyst) is formulated specifically for fabric covered aircraft.

EkoPoly Premium (includes catalyst) is a waterborne, catalyzed, polyurethane topcoat that is formulated specifically for fabric covered aircraft with extreme flexibility that does not fade with age. Similar to other catalyzed polyurethane topcoats on the market, EkoPoly Premium produces a very high-gloss finish that is very durable and resistant to solvents including fuel and even MEK. However, EkoPoly Premium is not hazardous, flammable, or harmful to the environment which greatly reduces the health hazards and safety equipment requirements for spray applications.


As with all Stewart Systems products, cleaning out the paint gun and mixing containers is done in the sink with water and EkoClean – no solvents. Although EkoPoly Premium is formulated specifically for aircraft fabric, it may be used on many other substrates such as metal and composite parts. It also works exceptionally well on interior vinyl and plastic components.

EkoPoly Premium is available in over 50 standard colors, and a custom color match service is also available. Clear base is available for use as a clear coat, although it is not necessary to achieve a rich gloss. A flattener may also be purchased separately that will produce a semi-gloss, satin or flat finish depending on the ratio that is used.

EkoPoly Premium is sold as a kit including catalyst and is thinned with distilled water, so there are no reducers or cleaning solvents necessary which keeps the overall cost down. For example, if you order a gallon, you will get three quarts of color and one quart of catalyst making one complete gallon. Although the cost of EkoPoly Premium is typically similar to competitive products, the coverage is generally significantly greater reducing the overall weight and price of the topcoat. Typically 2-4 gallons will cover most any light, single-engine aircraft.

Although EkoPoly Premium was primarily designed as a finish for the complete Stewart System, it is also an excellent option for a repaint over other finishes. Because it employs a mechanical bond rather than a chemical bond, EkoPoly Premium will adhere to virtually anything that has sufficient surface texture. By simply cleaning and scuff sanding any paint finish, you can apply EkoPoly Premium over it. If cleanliness is in doubt or a previous color scheme needs to be hidden, a light coat of EkoPrime may also be used as a base.

  • Rich, high-gloss finish
  • Extreme durability
  • Less weight
  • Safe for your health
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Reduced overall cost

We also offer EkoPoly Premium Practice Paint.

There is simply no substitute for Stewart Systems EkoPoly Premium!


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